Vanessa Young is a kind, caring and intuitive individual.  I was recommended to take one of our daughters to Vanessa to help with a cold that kept recurring.  The homeopathic remedies given after testing were immediately noticeable in the way they helped my daughter's body fight the colds and get back to ‘normal’.  I now take both of our daughters to Vanessa for help with a variety of things, including bleeding noses, general well being, skin conditions, changes in diet and behaviour, and every time she consistently manages to pin point remedies to help both of them.  Her follow up after each session is very much appreciated and the time spent emailing and making phone calls to see how the girls are is indicative of her caring and professional approach to each patient.

Iona, Wellington


My 4 year old daughter had chronic ear infections.  It got to the point where it was affecting her hearing and speech.

We spoke with our family doctor and were prescribed antibiotics and referred to a specialist to have grommits inserted in her ears.

We went ahead with the recommendation only to have the grommits fall out almost immediately.  We were not willing to go through that experience again so asked around for other options.

Vanessa is a neighbour and I had heard great things about her treatments from the community.  I asked her if she would be willing to take a look at my girl.

After a lovely session with my girl Vanessa recommended a treatment.  I am happy to say that my wee girl has not had trouble with her ears since.

Vanessa is wonderful, she makes you feel comfortable and willingly answers any questions that you might have.  She took great care of our family. :)



Prior to seeing Vanessa, my four year old daughter Ella used to have major tantrums, anger, rages,
anxiety and tension.  Seeing Vanessa for homeopathy has made a massive
difference.  Ella is able to verbalise and express her emotions.  With the
remedies, she is able to tune into her own needs better and will say 'I'm
tired' rather than have a big reaction to something.  She is coming to know
herself better, finding her path and also understanding other peoples' needs
better.  Overall I feel we have made fantastic progress.



Homeopathy and Vanessa were recommended to me because I just couldn't find a solution. Vanessa was able to help my body find it's own balance again. S.P


When I think of Vanessa these words spring to mind… kind, caring, attentive, professional, intuitive and knowledgeable. Vanessa is all of this and more. A wonderful homeopath with an intuitive nature I cannot recommend enough. She has helped me over several sessions to balance my life both physically and emotionally. I will continue to see Vanessa to keep my life ‘nicely balanced’.


"Both my son and I have benefited from our sessions with Vanessa because she is so intuitive, gentle and relates well with both children and adults.  The changes in our emotional as well as physical wellbeing have made a difference to us as individuals as well as our family who have noticed the changes.    When she asks "How are you?" her eyes are asking for an honest response from your inner self, your soul.  Thank you Vanessa!"
M and T